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Pool Maintenance, repair and restoration

Texas trusted pool authority

Media Blasting

Blasting is a popular pool tile cleaning method where professionals use different abrasive media blasted on the tile surface to clean or polish it. One of the popularly used mildly abrasive materials to remove calcium, scale, and other mineral deposits from the pool surface is glass beads. Schedule your fee consultation to learn more.

Media Blasting

Pressure Washing


Pressure washing is a great way to not only make sure the surface is clean, but it also can take off old, peeling layers of product that could cause the new applications some problems down the line. Prevent the growth of destructive mold, mildew, moss, and algae that can cause repair issues down the line. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Pressure Washing

Repairs + Restoration


Restoration There is no job too big or too small for our Team. We offer full-service and solutions at all levels. We continue to lead in all aspects of the pool industry; renovations, restoration and much more. From decking, coping, prep, tile, rock, equipment, cleaning, repairs, and any surfacing. Click here to see our work. PORTFOLIO 

Repairs We offer complete and full custom repairs and common fixes. We are a full service pool repair and restoration provider. Call us with your unique needs and see how we can help.


All Services


We offer a wide variety of pool options such as; custom designs, shapes, textures, features, aesthetics and so much more. Achieving you dream swimming pool is just a few steps away, click here to learn more.

Water Testing Kit

Maintaining you pools system, water, structure and quality, ensures lasting enjoyment and protects your investment while preserving its integrity. Click here to learn about our maintenance options

Wooden Deck

While maintenance is key in preventing repairs, other factors can come into play, such as weather, accidental damages, & other unforeseen occurrence. No matter the case, we offer full service repairs. 

Sanding Machine


Let your pool go? Bought a new home with an existing pool? Have a new vision in mind or want some ideas? We can help, our team can restore and bring your pool back to life, with a variety of options.

Pool Washer

Our team of specialist can restore your pools great look, for a job carefully and property done - call us.

Dipping Pool

Our pressurized cleaning services are a great way to restore and refresh your property. 

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View our gallery of the great work we've provided throughout Texas for decades. From basic to custom builds.


Click here to take a tour of pools we've build, get ideas + inspirations, and learn more about how we can serve you. 

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